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See below for troubleshooting questions and pointers for posting photos.

How do I upload photos?

QUESTIONS: There is no "upload photos" link when I look at the site.

ANSWER: You must be a Slow Travel Premium Member (paid membership) to upload photos. Read more here - How to Upload Photos.

Where do I upload my photos?

QUESTION: When I try to upload photos, it asks me to "choose a category". Where do I put them?

ANSWER: When you upload your photos, you can choose the place to put them. Do NOT put them in the Members Gallery because then they are only accessible if someone is looking at your members gallery. If it is a photo essay, or photos to go with a trip report, first create an album (click My Albums), then upload them to the album. Otherwise, upload them to the appropriate category. Look at the main page to see the list of categories.

I can't upload  photos

QUESTION: I have registered and am ready to post photos, but I do not see the "Post Photos" link!

ANSWER: You must be logged in and you must be a Slow Travel Premium Member to post photos. If you see this in the upper right corner of the screen, you are not logged in. Click Login.

Slow Trips screen

When you are logged in, you will see this in the upper right corner of the screen (if you are a Slow Travel Premium Member and a moderator has set your status on this board):

Slow Trips screen

Click "Upload Photos" to post your photos.

How are the photos sorted?

QUESTION: How are the photos I see sorted?

ANSWER: In the categories, you can select from a pull down menu how you want photos sorted. The default is "alphabetical" which is alpha by the user defined photo title and then the file name. Note: Currently the albums do not default to this sort, but to "most recent". This will be fixed.

To get your photos to sort the way you want, if they are in a category mixed with other peoples photos, give them a standard title with a number at the end. E.G. Cornwall 2004 01. Then they will all sort together and in order.

If they are in an album, you can order your photos. When you click MY ALBUMS, you see your list of albums as shown below.

Click SORT PHOTOS and you can give a number to each photo to control the order.

Or click EDIT and you can set the DEFAULT SORT ORDER to be by title. Change the title of each photo so they sort correctly.

The EDIT option also allows you to change the Photo Album title and description.

How do I move photos to an album?

QUESTION: I uploaded photos to my general members gallery but now I want to move them to an album. How do I do this?

ANSWER: First, create the album. Then click on the photo, then click on EDIT PHOTO. On that screen you select the album to move the photo to. Move the photos one at a time. (From the main display page, you can move the photo to a different category. But to move it to your album, you have to edit the photo.)

Uploading Multimedia

QUESTION: How do I get a nice thumbnail for my movie?

ANSWER: PhotoPost will not create a thumbnail for you. It uses a standard Multimedia thumbnail, but you can override this. Here is how.

- Run the movie. Stop it on the frame you want as the thumbnail.
- Use Snagit to get a screen capture.
- Use PhotoShop to change it to 72ppi - size does not matter, it will get resized.
- In PhotoPost, click Edit Photo for the movie.
- In the "Select new image or leave blank to use current one:" field browse to the photo you created.
- PhotoPost makes this into the thumbnail for the video!!

Help us keep your photos organized!

Check your photos: Check your Members Gallery and be sure all your photos are either in an album or in a category. To do this, go to, click on "My Photos" in the upper left.

Screen snap

You will see all your Photo Albums and under that, any photos you uploaded that are not in a category. For each of those photos, click on them and move them to the appropriate category or create a new album and move them there.

If you have uploaded photos to categories, have a look for them and be sure they are in the correct topic. You can easily move any of your photos by going to the large view of the photo and selecting the new category as shown below.

Screen snap

Pulldown on the Move Photo To box and select the category where you want it moved. Click SUBMIT and the photo is moved.

Check your Photo Albums: Are your Photo Albums linked to the correct category? We have gone thru all the Photo Albums and linked them to country-regions. Find all your albums and be sure they are in the right place. (See below for instructions.)

Categories, Sub-Categories and Photo Albums?? Huh??

Yes, it is confusing and part of the reason is that when we set up Slow Trips we assumed everyone would upload photos to the categories we set up. But then we realized people wanted to make photo essays and keep all their photos together, so we encouraged people to create photo albums. And now we have both. But, because of the ability to link every photo essay to a category - it all works.

Click on a country (e.g. Italy), then click on the region (e.g. Tuscany). There you will see topics for Italy-Tuscany (e.g. "Cities", "Countryside") and a list of member Photo Albums. Example: Link to Italy - Tuscany photos.

Photo Albums are always linked at the country-region level. Individual photos are uploaded at the country-region-topic level.

Do I create a Photo Album or upload to a category?

If you have a series of photos on a theme or for a trip, create a Photo Album. Login, click MY ALBUMS in the upper left, and create an album. Give it a good title and description. Associate it with the appropriate category so it shows up on the list of albums for the category. Upload your photos to it.

If you have a few photos from a trip and don't want to create a whole album, find the appropriate category and upload to it.

Remember to Enter Photo Descriptions

Many people upload photos, give them good titles, but don't enter a description! Descriptions are really needed for many photos. Either enter it when uploading your photo OR view your photo, click the EDIT PHOTO link below it and add a description. Do not use the ENTER COMMENTS area for you description - that is the place where people can comment on a photo.

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