Slow Travel Community Photos - How to Upload Photos

  • This website is for travel photos only (with the exception of one forum for pet photos).
  • You must be a premium member of the Slow Travel message board to post photos here.
  • Do NOT post images to your members gallery - post them to a category or an album. See below for more information.
  • Post good titles and descriptions. You can go back and edit these.

Post on the Message Board Questions forum on the message board if you have problems or questions.

Who can upload photos?

Slow Travel Premium members can upload and store their travel photos here. Click to become a premium member.

Where to upload your photos

There are two types of photo galleries: categories and albums.


This is the main part of the photo gallery. I have set up a category for each country, and for regions within the country. Within each country-region are topic categories. It looks like a message board, but when you select a category (country-region-topic), you get a series of photos. You can view them individually - use NEXT and PREV buttons to move between all the photos in a gallery - or run a slideshow.


You can create a photo album to upload to instead of one of the categories. You must have a minimum of 10 photos to create a photo album. For example, if you posted a trip report on Slow Travel, you can post a photo essay for your trip here. Then link to it from your trip report. Or if you want to post a photo essay on a particular topic, create a photo album.

Do I create a Photo Album or upload to a category?

If you have a series of photos on a theme or for a trip, create a Photo Album. Login, click MY ALBUMS in the upper left, and create an album. Give it a good title and description. Associate it with the appropriate category so it shows up on the list of albums for the category. Upload your photos to it.

If you have a few photos from a trip, find the appropriate category and upload them.

How to upload your photos

Register on SlowPhotos

  • Click "Register" in the upper right corner of the main photos page and fill in the registration form.

Slow Trips screen

  • Use the same member name as you use on the Slow Travel message board so we will know who you are. You will be sent an email. Click the link in the email to validate your email address.

NOTE: This registration is separate from your Message Board registration and from the Slow Travel Trip Reports/Reviews registration.

Email us to set your membership

  • Send an email to Slow Travel and tell us your Slow Travel Member name. Once we confirm your premium membership, we will change your Slow Photos status so you can upload photos.


  • Click "Login" in the upper right corner. You must be logged in to post photos.

Prepare your photos

  • You can format your photos yourself (setting resolution and size) or have our PhotoPost software do this for you (more below).
  • Name your files however works best for you, but you cannot upload duplicate file names to your space.
  • If you are uploading to a category instead of creating a Photo Album, think about the order you want your photos to appear and think of good titles for them (photos in a category are sorted by title). If you are uploading a few Venice photos, for example, you may want to name them with your name and trip date and then a number to put them in the right order.
  • If you are uploading to a Photo Album, you can either sort it by photo title or you can sort your photos after (you tell the software the exact order you want).

Format your photos

Use photo software to prepare your photos (e.g. Adobe Photo Elements) or upload them as they are (maximum file size for upload is 5mb) and PhotoPost will format them for you.

    If you want to format your photos yourself, use the following guidelines:
    ALWAYS set the image resolution to 72ppi.
    Set the photos to 600 pixels wide or high (the longest side should be 600 pixels). This is the largest size accepted and is a good size for seeing detail.
    You can upload your photos as they come from your scan or digital camera. The upload may be slow because of the large file size. PhotoPost will compress your photo and set it to a maximum of 600 pixels wide or high. You can rotate your photo in PhotoPost. Be sure your original photos are at 72ppi resolution.

Upload your photos

  • Click "Upload Photos" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • From there you can browse to the photo on your computer, select it, decide which photo gallery to put it in, enter a title and a description. Photos in a category are sorted on the title, so if you are uploading a few photos, name them so they sort the way you want when sorted on name. Note: If you are uploading several photos, you can compress them into one file (zip) and upload that file. The software unzips them on upload. See below for more information.
  • You can change your photo once it is uploaded. You can rotate it, change any of its information, move it to a different gallery or delete it. You look after your own photos. If the administrator moves or deletes your photo, you get an automatic email.
  • Most important is the description for the photo. People can order photos in different ways, so they need a detailed description to tell them what they are looking at.

Where to put your photos

  • Please upload photos to a category or create a Photo Album and upload to it.
  • To create a photo album, click MY ALBUMS, then CREATE A NEW ALBUM.

  • The album is created and displayed in your members gallery listing.

Linking photo albums to categories

  • Once your photo album is uploaded, go into the EDIT and link it to a country-region. Do not link it to the topic level. For example, link it to Italy - Tuscany.

Upload several photos at once

  • Zip your photos to be uploaded into one zip file. You might want to name your photos so that they sort in the correct order on filename.
  • In the Upload Photos window, browse to the zip file.
  • Enter a title, keywords and description to be used for all photos in the zip file.
  • Upload the file. You will be shown a page of thumbnails for all the photos. You can change titles and descriptions here or wait until they are added and then edit each photo.
  • Be sure to click the Process Files button at the bottom of the list on the thumbnails page - then your photos are added to the site. When it is finished you get a box saying no more images to process. Click the link under that message to get back to the photo album.

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