The Slow Travel Contest - Photo Essays

Contest 2006

Winners were chosen for our Contest 2006 on January 13, 2006. These are the 25 winning photo essays.

andykun Summer 2004 - Australia
He loves photography and this artistic album shows it. Great composition.
decobabe Decobabe loves Italy
A unique personal essay capturing the essence of life in Umbria.
Dennis Switzer A Slow Walk across Spain
A interesting photo journal of the walk to Santiago Spain. Well organized showing the story of their walk in pictures.
Dorothyk Cumae, Haunt of the Sibyl
A superb in-depth photo essay. The well written captions give excellent details of Cumae.
French Fries Why I love Provence: Favorite Sights
Beautiful photos showing the different sites and vistas of Provence in this personal essay.
Gavin Crawford Cote D'Or and points north west.
This essay shows not only the beautiful towns and food of Cote D'Or but also beauty of an off-season slow travel vacation.
Germaine One Glorious Week in Provence
This album shows the beauty and variety of Provence. Lots of color, details and food!
Jane People of the Rift Valley
Well presented essay using good photos and informative captions.
Janet A Spring Week in Rome, April 2005
Stunning photos of Rome. Wonderful variety of people, places and perspective.
Janet Cinque Terre: July 2004
The photos in this album show the beauty, color and vibrancy that attracts tourists to Cinque Terre.
joelscapes Searching for Medieval Florence in 2004
A great idea for a photo essay. Well executed with excellent photos and captions.
kaydee Best of Provence: Hiking in the Luberon (Gorges de Régalon)
The series "Hiking in the Luberon" albums are well organized. The captions are excellent with nice detail on the hikes and the countryside.
Lisa W Malta Photos
Some fantastic shots in the essay of Malta.
LotusEden Colors, patterns, and rhythms of Italy
A great collection of colors, textures and shapes of everyday life. Nice theme and good captions.
Max Barrett Roma Ottobre 2005
Fresh, lively and interesting photos of Rome.
messine Sensory France
Carefully composed album with an imaginative theme.
Nancy Lutz Tuscany 2005
A nice multi-faceted view of Tuscany. Thoughtful pictures selected to create a lively and colorful album.
pfod Rome-Tuscany-Florence 2005
A beautiful set of pictures. A good job of capturing textures. The black and white photos are excellent.
Rar Bolivia
A nice pictorial introduction to Bolivia showing the diversity of the country. Excellent photos and captions.
RedRedWine Images of Italy
A wonderful collection of images that capture the beauty of Italy.
Ryan P Italy Summer 2005
A good well-captioned album with different creative shots.
Sharonov A Month in India
A fascinating album with a nice mix of people and places.
Stephen P. China 2005
A nice travelogue with beautiful landscapes, interesting sites and people.
Steve and Linda Jones Ireland's County Kerry
Beautiful pictures of a slow travel vacation in Ireland. It really is very green!
Wendy & Rob Rome 2005-Through Rob's Eyes
A beautiful album with a good variety of photos. They have a wonderful sense of 'the moment'.


Contest 2004 - 3 Year Anniversary - Winners

Our 3rd Year Anniversary contest was held in July 2004. It was the 3rd year anniversary of the message board which started spring 2001. Many thanks to all those who generously donated such wonderful prizes and to those who worked hard to enter the contest.

We received over 50 photo essays entered in the contest. Here is the list of photo essay winners.

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